Crypto Halving Countdown

Halving is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to describe a procedure that reduces the rate of new coins being issued. Halving specifically refers to the periodic reduction of block rewards given to miners. This halving process guarantees that cryptocurrencies will be released at a steady pace until their maximum supply has been met.

CryptocurrencyEstimated Time to HalveCurrent Block RewardBlock Reward after HalvingMax Supply
XVG2023-04-1112.56.2516.5 B
HNS2023-04-182000100020.4 B
ZEC2023-05-123.1251.562521 M
Dash2023-06-212.763710462.5663025718.9 M
Litecoin2023-08-0312.56.2584 M
MONA2023-10-1712.56.25105 M
BCH2024-04-076.253.12521 M
BSV2024-04-126.253.12521 M
BTG2024-04-246.253.12521 M
Bitcoin2024-04-296.253.12521 M
ETC2024-07-252.562.04210.7 M
BCD2024-09-0763.531.2521 M
FIRO2024-09-1412.56.2521.4 M
ZEN2024-12-086.253.12513.48 M
Flux2025-08-0637.518.75440 M
EMC22025-11-1121245 M
VTC2025-12-0712.56.2584 M
RVN2026-01-052500125021 B
Nexa2026-06-2110 M5 M21 T